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McCumber Golf Academy 

Junior Golf Clinic
Every Saturday
2-3 PM | Ages 8-17
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Mark McCumber | 10-time PGA TOUR Winner and Ryder Cup Team Member




"I am happy to share something that I learned over 35 years of professional golf – that one thing great players have in common:  a repeatable pre-shot routine.

The McCUMBER GOLF ACADEMY will help players of all skill levels develop their own unique routine by helping them set-up properly for every shot.  Champions are made with this key fundamental of golf.

By this, I am not saying that we want everyone to look the same.  We do want to help golf students by teaching a great pre-shot routine, as I learned it from Bert Yancey, one of the best students of the game in regards to pre-shot routines. With his help, I won 10 times on the PGA TOUR, won the World Cup and played on a Ryder Cup team.

I think of this as a wonderful opportunity to share some of the insights I learned over 35 years of professional golf, as well as the process of how players get better.  The pre-shot routine helps us get the most out of our game, and the one thing common to all great players is a pre-shot routine and setups."

Mark R. McCumber